Here at Bristow Autos, we have a specialist training centre where not only do we keep all our staff fully trained but also provide training for mechanics across the country.

This training is not only carried out by our own qualified staff members but also, run training sessions run by Frank Massey, a highly skilled expert in automotive diagnostics and also Exponentia, who’s mission is to offer the European independent after market mechanics (IAM) the technical expertise required to repair all vehicles,

Technical expertise: Training program developed with the technical expertise from all the Partners, plus multi-country training experience from the last seven years.

All modules have been developed with the specific needs of the IAM in mind, to maximise training efficacy. Multi-level system training program adapted to the IAM needs.

High quality technical information constantly updated with the technical know – how from the partners.

Along with Frank Massey and Exponentia, we also hold training sessions run by Motor Serv and Group Autos. All these training programs are professionally run, with set timetables and designated food and coffee breaks, helping everything run as well as possible, maximising the level of training you and your team will receive.

Due to our premises being used as a training centre for these programs, all our team members receive regular training and are therefore, there knowledge of the industry is always at the highest level possible. 

If you would like to take part on one of these programs, or would like a quote, please do not hesitate Contact us or call us on 01908 360999, or email us at